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    1 season


    1 season

    PHOBIA is a horror anthology series that is heavily inspired by classic horror icons. Ranging from Clowns, Vampires, Demons, Ghosts, Werewolves, Killers, Monsters and more; each episode promises to present a new and refreshing take on the horror genre. So, what are you afraid of?

    Created by JR...

  • Devil's Turkey

    1 video

    Tom makes a deal with the Devil and learns to love stuffing in this Thanksgiving Special!

  • Phantom of the Woods

    8 videos

    The peace and tranquility of a small lake community is shattered upon the arrival of a young girl with a tortured past and the appearance of a terrifying spectre that turns one’s fears and apprehensions into nightmares that are all too real.

    Nominated for six catagories at the 2014 Indie Horro...

  • FrankenSlam
    1 season


    1 season

    Open Sign has teamed up with slam poet Adam Henze and Indiana Humanities to bring you four Frankenstein themed videos with each focused on a different poem and poet.

  • The Stray
    6 videos

    The Stray

    6 videos

    In the former United States of America; severe nuclear fallout has decimated most of the population and has transformed countless former humans into ghoulish, flesh eating monsters.

    The story follows Tracy Arnold who struggles to survive all the while being forced to face his tortured past and...

  • Found Footage
    1 season

    Found Footage

    1 season

    After decades in the shadows, evidence of the existence of the mysterious Facility has been obtained. No one wants you to see this but everyone must know. Now evidence obtained from a video archive that was supposed to remain hidden from public view is being made public. Now the world will see.

  • Presented Without Context

    1 season

    This series is presented entirely without context. All episodes past, present, and future are also presented without context. You have been warned.

  • Made Guys
    3 videos

    Made Guys

    3 videos

    Two guys, one job, everyone said it was gonna be simple, but with these two, nothing’s ever simple. MADE GUYS follows the misadventures of Tony and Eddie; two mob enforcers that bumble their way through their jobs working in the Fort Wayne crime syndicate.

    Starring Cam Clark and Ryan Woebbekin...

  • Means to an End

    4 videos

    Josh is trying to get his life back in order but the bills keep piling up and the jobs look more scarce ever day. Until one day his friend Aaron approaches him with an offer that takes them both down a dark path that leads somewhere they never expected.

    Directed by Ryan Bozell
    Produced by Mic...

  • The Sentinel Chronicles

    1 season

    4 videos


    4 videos

    A man finds himself at the mercy of a sadistic serial killer while a wife searches for her missing husband. MISSING is one of the earliest movies made by Open Sign.

    Directed by Michael Storch

    Starring Cam Clark, Elizabeth Williamson, Troy Koch, and Larry Wiley