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  • Shadow Puppets

    Young Gabriel walks through a dark cave and discovers a terrifying creature.

  • Laughing in the Dark

    Breaking and entering a haunted house at night known for its killer clowns is probably not wise.

  • The Watchers' Woods Conspiracy

    A documentary filmmaker and his crew sneak onto a crime scene.

    After decades in the shadows, evidence of the existence of the mysterious Facility has been obtained. No one wants you to see this but everyone must know. Throughout the next couple months we will be posting evidence obtained from ...

  • All Through the House

    Young Andy gets into a bit of trouble when he discovers a dead and murdered Santa Claus.

    Directed and Produced
    by Michael Storch and JRS Storch

    Starring Richard Storch, Min Soe, Skyler Darnell, Thomas Scheer, and Tim Burkhart

  • Speeches for Doctor Frankenstein