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13 Episodes

PHOBIA is a horror anthology series that is heavily inspired by classic horror icons. Ranging from Clowns, Vampires, Demons, Ghosts, Werewolves, Killers, Monsters and more; each episode promises to present a new and refreshing take on the horror genre. So, what are you afraid of?

Created by JRS Storch
Produced by Michael Storch and JRS Storch

  • Dark Room

    Episode 1

    A young girl finds a discarded envelope with strange photos inside.

  • Innocence

    Episode 2

    A woman walking to her car is assaulted by a dangerous man.

  • Shadow Puppets

    Episode 3

    Young Gabriel walks through a dark cave and discovers a terrifying creature.

  • Fright Fair

    Episode 4

  • Reflections

    Episode 5

    Tim grows concerned when his TV starts turning off by itself.

  • Encounters

    Episode 6

    A man jamming to some tunes while driving home has a strange encounter with mysterious beings.

  • Dinner Date

    Episode 7

    A man finds the perfect catch when he goes on a date with a world renowned chef he met online.

  • Death of a Salesman

    Episode 8

    A timid vacuum cleaner salesman runs into a high pressure customer.

  • Midnight Madness

    Episode 9

    Don't fall asleep during a movie; you might just find yourself trapped inside it when you wake up.

  • Don't Look in the Closet

    Episode 10

    Young Gabriel has another encounter with the vampire in his closet.

  • Laughing in the Dark

    Episode 11

    Breaking and entering a haunted house at night known for its killer clowns is probably not wise.

  • Devil's Turkey

    Episode 12

    Tom is a terrible person who likes to eat his stuffing in this very special Thanksgiving short!

  • All Through the House

    Episode 13

    Young Andy gets into a bit of trouble when he discovers a dead and murdered Santa Claus.

    Directed and Produced
    by Michael Storch and JRS Storch

    Starring Richard Storch, Min Soe, Skyler Darnell, Thomas Scheer, and Tim Burkhart